Friday, June 17, 2011

Ministry of Labour New and Young Workers Safety Blitz

It is that time of year again, when we think about hiring new and young workers. Take the time to ensure that your training programs, policies, procedures, orientation program and your health and safety bulletin board are current and up to date before recruiting new workers.

The Ministry of Labour will be out in full force enforcing health and safety regulations to ensure your workplaces are safe for young workers entering your workforce, beginning May 1, 2011. Ministry of Labour Health and Safety Inspectors will be looking to make sure that:

1. new and young workers are protected on the job with safety measures in place

2. new and young workers have proper orientation programs,

3. that new and young workers are trained and supervised on the job, and

4. that new and young workers meet minimum age requirements.

Under the OHSA Employers must:

 Ensure that all equipment, materials and protective devices (guards, PPE etc) are provided, maintained in good condition, and always used as required by law.

 Ensure that workplace health and safety policies, programs, measures and procedures are current and workers have received training.

 Provide ongoing information, instruction and supervision to protect workers.

 Ensure you have competent supervisors for the job.

 Conduct a hazard assessment of your workplace ensuring that workers and their supervisors are aware of the hazards they face.

 Cooperate with health and safety committees or representatives as required by law.

 Comply with sector-specific minimum age requirements in your province

 Take every precaution reasonable in the circumstances to protect all workers

Under the OHSA Supervisors must:

 Be competent

 Ensure that workers perform their jobs safely in a manner prescribed by law, using equipment, protective devices in a safe manner and as prescribed by law and by the employer.

 Identify to the worker all actual and potential, general and job-specific, workplace hazards.

 Provide all workers with written policies, procedures and programs for their protection as prescribed by law.

Designate one week per year as your safety review week. Conduct a complete facility audit to identify hazards and risks, worker first aid and other training requirements. Update all policies, procedures and programs. Hold a yearly worker safety meeting. BE PREPARED!

Video is from WorkSafe BC but is still relevant to accidents in Ontario!

Lynne Bard
President/Senior Consultant
Beyond Rewards Inc
Human Resource & Safety Experts

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