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Emergency Preparedness Week

Emergency Preparedness Week

May 6th-May 12th


This is an especially memorable week for me, as my grandfather George Moon started the Emergency Measures Organization in Guelph Ontario back in 1957; known to many of us as the EMO.  My grandfather was a member of the fire brigade in England during the Second World War, in charge of EMS.  He brought that knowledge with him to Canada.  An article about the EMO and my grandfather can be read in the Wellington Advertiser at the following link:

Unless we have an emergency we tend to forget about the importance of planning and being prepared.  Emergency Preparedness Week brings this information to the forefront of our minds, but how many of us really pay heed to this information! Are you prepared?  Do you stay abreast of what is happening in the world around you that might trigger an emergency locally?  Do you follow Emergency Management provincially for weather related emergencies, pandemics or other health related emergencies such as SARS?
Preparedness starts at home but does not end there.  Workplaces should also train their employees and be prepared for emergency situations.  The government of Canada has provided resources for each and every one of us to use as a guide to prepare.  Take the time this week to refer to this link and find out how you can prepare your family, friends, and even those in your workplaces for emergencies situations.  Find out what to do before, during and after an emergency.
Do you have qualified first aiders on site in your workplaces?  Take this week and check all certificates to ensure they are current.  Register workers to take first aid training to ensure you have a qualified first aider on each shift and job site. 

Do you have an emergency management plan in place?  Do you have individual emergency plans for persons with disabilities?  Do you have an emergency plan at home?  Are you sure you are prepared? 
My grandfather taught me many lessons as a child that until adulthood I thought was silly and unnecessary.  With health and safety being at the forefront of my mind with my line of work, I see the value in his teachings today.  He taught St. John’s Ambulance first aid training throughout the county’s around Guelph and received a citation from the Governor General Rolland Michener for his loyal and dedicated service to the safety and wellbeing of many of us in Southern Ontario. 

As my grandfather would say, “the safety and wellbeing of others is everyone’s responsibility”.  So take the time this week to educate yourself on how you can protect your loved ones, your friends and co-workers if and when an emergency situation strikes. 

Save a life – it may be your own! - Don’t react; make the changes and necessary plans today!

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