Monday, August 19, 2013

Confined Spaces

Confined Space

July 14th, Canadian Press released the story of a 35 year old Niagara Region man who was trapped inside a machine in a warehouse and died. Although this is one of the most recent in Ontario, it is not the only one we have heard about across the province or the country for that matter.

CCOHS - outlines in great detail the Confined Space requirements in completing a Confined Space Hazard Assessment and development of a Control Program for your workplaces. This process is mandatory for any confined spaces you have in your workplace. Specific regulations apply to confined space programs dependent on your jurisdiction. Review these regulations before putting your confined space program in place.

Had the Niagara Region Employer had an effective confined space program in place would the accident have happened - we are unsure at this time, as all the details have not been released during the investigation process?

As of July 1, 2011 regulations under the OHSA for confided space in Ontario have changed. . The Ontario Ministry of Labour (MoL) has consolidated all legal requirements relating to work in confined spaces into a single regulation. Despite the numerous confined space accidents and hazards they face in the farming sector, agricultural workers will continue to be excluded from regulatory protection in Ontario. Review NIOSH regulations for farming and your local regulatory requirements per province.

There are many great training programs across the program. Go to your local Health and Safety Association, local Health and Safety Trainers and find out who has the best fit for your organizational needs.

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