Monday, September 2, 2013

Workplace MSD Injuries

MSD's (Musculoskeletal disorders are the number one type of work-related lost time injury in the province of Ontario making up over 40%  of all injuries. Workplace MSD claims cost employers millions of dollars in direct costs and billions of dollars in indirect costs. 

By implementing an MSD prevention program in your workplaces some of the benefits you will achieve are:

·         reduce the number of reported MSDs thereby reducing the number of Ministry of Labour visits and WSIB claims

·         reduce costs - both direct and indirect costs

·         create a safer workplace

·         have healthier employees

·         less loss time injuries and

·         lower recruitment costs (recruitment, orientation, training, morale etc.)

  The costs of MSD Claims equated to an hourly cost per employee vary based on the annual salary.  For example, an employee who earns an annual salary of 15,000 would cost approximately $10.10 per hour; an employee who earns $75,000 annual salary would cost approximately $50.48 per hour.  

Be proactive and implement an ergonomic program in your workplace. Train and advise your workers.  Ensure that they participate in the program through early reporting of MSD symptoms or concerns.  Regularly identify and assess risk factors.  Implement controls to reduce workers' exposure to MSD risk factors.  To ensure preventive measures are working - follow up.

Ministry of Labour blitzes are planned to continue. MSD programs and prevention best practices do not have to be complex systems.   Ensure your return to work policy; procedures and program are up to date with MSD requirements under the Ministry of Labour and OHSA guidelines.  If you have an effective health and safety program you already have a solid foundation to develop your MSD prevention program.

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